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Now that's a stumbling block that might even make Roman wince.
When governments and corporations try to hide the harmful effects of asbestos, radiation, PCBs, and other toxins, they are placing stumbling blocks before the uninformed public.
And of course there's the second small stumbling block once the tunnel is complete.
Both officials had received early reports from HCC that the trials to date have thrown up a number of stumbling blocks that would make cost-effective, widespread implementation difficult.
The same applies here; the worst stumbling blocks that now obstruct the pro-life movement are sincere, well-meaning Christian "realists" who compromise Divine Principle.
The general could be a major force in coordinating HIV-prevention programs, but his prejudice and narrow-mindedness have proved to be major stumbling blocks.
One of the main stumbling blocks you'll find is staff's belief that it is quicker, easier, and neater to feed someone than to encourage them to feed themselves.
The integration of application software creates an efficient business environment in which many of the daily stumbling blocks found in a tax practice will be more readily solved.
The report said the IRS's three main stumbling blocks are its huge accounts receivable backlog, an inadequate tax processing system and a lack of employee integrity.
There's gold in northwestern Ontario and the Kenora district near the Manitoba border is no exception, but a few stumbling blocks are in the road of future developments.
In his book, Chimbole recounts all the frustration, disappointment and stumbling blocks experienced in Palmdale's first effort to incorporate.
Achebe Toldson invites the reader into a world filled with social stigmas, systemic challenges and ill fates and fortunes that are the familiar stumbling blocks for individuals who are growing up in crime infested and poverty stricken environments.