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At the top of the ridge another bull elephant called Stumpy - because of his short tail - decided to walk alongside our vehicle.
DAREDEVIL Dean Dunbar on paddleboard on Clunie Loch with his dog Stumpy
Stumpy, the African grey parrot, is a talkative sort.
The fungus that causes the stumpy roots doesn't like it and takes a while to get through.
The JJVC project was buying natural gas from different gas fields at very stumpy prices and manufacturing LPG from it , which was sold at very high cost.
With his best friend, Stumpy, in tow, Jason jets off to Paris to try to take possession of the family vineyard and earn enough money to buy his way out of trouble.
It features a trapezoidal honeycomb grille, swept back headlamps, a stumpy boot lid and an integrated spoiler.
Kerrie Stumpy Slevin It's the same in Whitley for Jag staff.
Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis are both strong and capable herders--that may be why they have such stumpy little legs
Therizinosaurs, lived about 70 million years ago, and had huge, round guts; stumpy legs; a long neck; and a turtlelike head and beak, and were herbivores despite being members of the carnivorous group known as theropods.
PARTY TIME: Amy and Jodie | LIVING IT UP: Stumpy, Alison and Hollie (zyhud200313Mavericks-4) | HEAD-WETTING FOR LUCAS: Emma, Bex and Kylie
The unpleasant Knobbe is 'a stumpy man of lumps and bumps'.