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Describing the stun gun, which was shown to jurors in court, Mr Davis said: "It's pink, it's got Police written in capital letters on the handle and it's a Maglite-type appearance.
The court was told two other stun guns were discovered in a "teenager's" bedroom inside the house.
The judge accepted the stun guns were "not powerful", but said there was an element of deterrence to the punishments imposed.
It made a sound and could see electrical prongs stun." Harvey stepped towards the officer shouting at him, at about 11.10pm on April 3, the court was told.
Ritchie received a five-year jail term for possessing the stun gun which will run alongside a 20-month sentence for the drug dealing charge.
As the Texas justices note, case law on the use of stun belts on defendants in court is slim, if only because outrageous uses of stun belts in courts are rare.
A 2014 law made Connecticut the first state to require all police departments to report every instance in which an officer fires or threatens to use a stun gun.
Not suprisingly, political lobbying money is of little concern to Jamie Caetano, who testified in court her ex-boyfriend beat her so badly, she "ended up in the hospital." Court documents show she purchased the stun gun for protection, and when her ex-boyfriend threatened her one day, she brandished the device, and the man "got scared and left [Caetano] alone."
SABRE has a vast quantity of personal defense items ranging from alarms to pepper sprays to stun guns.
Jaime Caetano was arrested in an Ashland supermarket parking lot in 2011 on a charge of having a stun gun.
Police sources said: " A few days ago, a police stun baton with built- in torch was provided to all the police personnel, including the higher- ranked officers, in all the districts, and they have asked to be armed while on patrol duty, especially during odd hours." Initially, the brass of Delhi Police ordered half- a- dozen stun guns from a US- based company in their pilot project and they have asked their officers for feedback.
"If fired at anyone at close range, the gun would stun them and they would collapse to the ground, unable to move."