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The BVA said "There is a high risk that if the parameters in electrical waterbath stunning for poultry killed in accordance with religious rites' are not correctly set and implemented, a percentage of those birds may be immobilised rather than stunned and therefore still conscious at the time of slaughter, causing avoidable animal suffering.
In a speech in Westminster, he called on political parties to listen to the growing public concern over welfare in abattoirs, in the wake of a petition signed by more than 100,000 people calling for an end to the practice of killing animals for meat without stunning.
Yet the HFA said it does allow the stunning of animals.
According to Grandin (2009), non-penetrating captive bolt stunning that does not fracture the skull could be less effective than stunning that does fracture the skull.
The rules currently allow for the production of halal and kosher meat, by allowing for the slitting of animals' throats without stunning to allow Muslims and Jews to meet the dietary requirements, as long as it does not cause "unnecessary suffering".
Prof Reilly wants to persuade faith leaders that stunning animals before their throats are slit does comply with religious texts.
It is estimated two million animals are killed without stunning for the orthodox Jewish community every year.
During the experiment, EEG and ECG were recorded on all animals to record the condition of the brain and heart during the course of slaughter and stunning.
Kidman dazzled in her stunning red Balenciaga halter gown with a billowing bow at the neck.
As one might imagine, Darwin's Nightmare is a stunning and distressing movie.
s text with Tim Hauf's stunning photography of a little-explored wild world.
Odds for stunning to contribute to (this does not imply "cause") death are, at worst, one in one thousand.