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Numerous police agencies nationwide are reviewing and revising their policies regarding the use of stun devices in response to the guidelines set forth in a report released by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP, http://www.
is the emerging market leader in the stun industry and specializes in the design and development of intermediate force options for the military, law enforcement, corrections, and the private security industry.
Since STUN was founded in 2011, growth has been 300 percent year on year.
A typical STUN toolkit has everything a salesperson needs to produce professional slides, presentations, demo videos, product sheets, white papers, and a whole lot more on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.
As the security crisis deepens, the demand for stun guns rises, "said the man, who wanted to be identified only as Emad.
With 50,000 volts, these stun guns are sold freely, for around LE300, he said, adding that some people sell dozens of these weapons from their homes to students and teenagers.