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Speaking of Bernie, Stunt said: "I have no animosity towards him - he's just very cut-throat, he has no empathy.
The stunt involved driving a motorcycle out the open doors of a building, across a concrete pad.
As Erendira's stunt will happen on the five-year anniversary of Nikolas' televised tightrope walk across Niagara, she is quite excited to do the same stunt.
So when a commuter recently posted a video of the blonde from Jalandhar doing her trademark stunts on city roads, it soon went viral on social media websites.
We pretty much shoot all our stunt sequences beforehand on a DSLR camera, edit them and put in the sound effects and the blood and all of that," says Spilhaus.
A lot of the time I'm down at our venue on the South Tees Motor Sports Park in Middlesbrough doing our stunt driving experience days.
It was later confirmed the plane was performing stunts as part of wedding celebrations at the Windmill Hotel in Allesley.
Sanchez, a seasoned gymnast, took the job and found that she missed having an athletic element to her life, and stunt work married the two aspects.
Wolfgang Stegemann has been synonymous with action and stunts since he first started his career in 1998.
The repentant stunt driver told Times of Oman that most of the stunt performers are jobseekers and school students; some of them are also married men with families to support.
AS great-grandad Richard Stunt celebrates his 100th birthday, he says a tipple and a cigar is the recipe to a happy life.