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Stunted children complete one year less of schooling and less likely to graduate high school, they added.
This is because one in every three of our working-age Filipinos who will dominate our population in 2040 would be the same stunted young children of today-hence of lower intellectual capacity, productivity and general health status than could be.
Mohammed Murtala who presented a paper titled 'Nutrition Situation in Bauchi State: A call to Action' at the roundtable organised by CISLAC in partnership with United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) said that nearly 40% of children in poor countries have their growth stunted by malnutrition caused by lack of proper nutrients which stops the brain from developing properly.
Statistically significant factors were assessed by using logistic regression analysis and it was found that, child of aliterate mother was less likely to be stunted. Similarly, family size (<5 members), number of pregnancy (<4 times), babies who breastfed and get vaccinated were protected whereas an underweight child was 12 times more likely to be stunted.
While stunting levels among children declined from 22.4% to 14.7% over the same period, the number of obese mothers with stunted children increased from 4.1% to 5.6%.
The UNICEF report indicates that more than half the children in both Afghanistan and Yemeni suffer from stunted growth, causing a vast array of problems and often perpetuating poverty.
It said that stunted children complete one year less of schooling and less likely to graduate high school.
ISLAMABAD: Health experts on Sunday said that over 44 per centPakistani children under five years are stunted due to chronic malnutrition.
Similarly, 1,959,428 pregnant and lactating women were examined and 109,107 stunted women were referred to local health centre for treatment.
An estimated 23% (155 million) of children aged <5 were stunted (low height-for-age) in 2016 (UNICEF et al.
Stunted growth and being underweight are two conditions that continue to be prevalent among Filipino children due largely to improper nutrition.
In the world's fifth-largest country that boasts having state-of-the-art motorways, cutting-edge safe cities and modern RLNG-based power plants, 45% of children remain stunted on account of malnutrition.