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The GFF is proud to co-finance Rwandas priorities and support multi-sectoral interventions to address stunting with a clear focus on results.
In the present study, stunting was observed with highest frequency (57.
13 In this study, breastfed children were at lesser risk of stunting (odds ratio (OR) 0.
The project aims to contribute to the reduction of the stunting rate by 1 percentage point a year, or from 48 percent to 43 percent by 2021.
Stunting prevalence is slightly higher in male children (48%) than in female children (42%).
Shabana Haider Member Health, P and D said that reducing stunting in Pakistan particularly in the Punjab province is not only a moral obligation but it also brings a huge economic impact.
Our outcome of interest is stunting in children < 5 years of age, because this best captures the impact of conditions over the long term (Black et al.
Scenario data are limited essentially to future food availability and per capita GDP, and many causes of stunting cannot be explicitly modeled.
Chanel's 26-year-old mother Desiree, who solely supports the family of five, admitted that Chanel, as well as her two siblings, suffered from stunting because they often did not prioritize food.
If stunting rates continue to rise, it would be difficult for families to break free from poverty.
The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao is the region with the highest level of stunting in the entire country: 63 percent of all children.
The report shows that stunting is the best predictor of productivity and income, and that undernutrition is linked to lower human capital.