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I abandoned myself to the life, and developed the misconception that the secret of John Barleycorn lay in going on mad drunks, rising through the successive stages that only an iron constitution could endure to final stupefaction and swinish unconsciousness.
Sometimes, he put his food into his mouth abstractedly, and, with all his faculties concentrated on Joe, gazed at him in a fit of stupefaction as he cut his meat with one hand, until he was recalled to himself by symptoms of choking on his own part, and was by that means restored to consciousness.
The doctor, who was universally considered one of the best-tempered creatures on earth, made this demand in such a dreadful tone of anger, that Giles and Brittles, who were considerably muddled by ale and excitement, stared at each other in a state of stupefaction.
The baby in the cradle woke up and cried; the boy in the clothes-basket fell over on his back with the basket upon him, and was seen no more; the mother wept louder yet and rocked faster; but Kit, insensible to all the din and tumult, remained in a state of utter stupefaction.
He had not the usual resource of bigots in that superstitious period, most of whom were wont to atone for the crimes they were guilty of by liberality to the church, stupefying by this means their terrors by the idea of atonement and forgiveness; and although the refuge which success thus purchased, was no more like to the peace of mind which follows on sincere repentance, than the turbid stupefaction procured by opium resembles healthy and natural slumbers, it was still a state of mind preferable to the agonies of awakened remorse.
D'Artagnan looked with stupefaction at a man who thus employed the unlimited power with which he was clothed by the confidence of a king in the prosecution of his intrigues.
The lips that breathed fire now curled upward stupefaction.
Alors que les conditions de vie dans la residence ne s'ameliorent pas, voire s'empirent, les acquereurs apprennent avec stupefaction que le 1 er novembre 2016, la banque ayant octroye le credit au promoteur a demande et obtenu une saisie et arret sur le projet pour un montant de 7,5 millions de DH, souligne la Commission chargee de la relation entre les acquereurs.
Within minutes I felt her tug on my arm again, this time to my stupefaction she offered me a banana.
But let me break this stupefaction down further so our readers comprehend why I am incredulous.
Dans une interview accordee ce vendredi 24 novembre 2017 a Africanmanager, il a dit qu'il comprend bien la stupefaction du president de ladite instance.
Things like walls needing to reach as far as the ground, doors and windows being built in openings - and a roof which drained water away from the building, either via guttering or overhang - so forgive my stupefaction at the number of buildings being built with the roof in the form of a 'V' sloping inward to a central draining gutter.