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At this moment the stupefied Anne came to her senses and realized that she had no business to be there.
Let us confess it, Cornelius was not so stupefied with surprise, or so beyond himself with joy, as he would have been but for the pigeon, which, in answer to his letter, had brought back hope to him under her empty wing; and, knowing Rosa, he expected, if the note had ever reached her, to hear of her whom he loved, and also of his three darling bulbs.
In the present state of my nerves the draught stupefied me, and did no more.
Still stupefied by the drug that I had taken, I could lazily wonder what had happened, and I could do no more.
The rustic driver, stupefied and aghast, stood looking at the wagon, and did nothing but utter loud cries to Hercules to come and help him.
While I stood stupefied with horror by this ghastly spectacle and still holding open the door, by some unaccountable perversity my attention was diverted from the shocking scene and concerned itself with trifles and details.
I sat with the letter on my lap, stupefied, incapable of opening it.
Looking back with the drinker's knowledge, I know now why I did not collapse stupefied upon the table.
Such a mode of admonition wins only coarse abuse for me - and, indeed, I almost feel as if I deserved it, for I hate to use such arguments; but they sink into his stupefied heart, and make him pause, and ponder, and abstain, more than anything else I could say.
I sat with the papers in my hand completely stupefied.
I was so much amazed with the thing itself, having never felt the like, nor discoursed with any one that had, that I was like one dead or stupefied; and the motion of the earth made my stomach sick, like one that was tossed at sea; but the noise of the falling of the rock awakened me, as it were, and rousing me from the stupefied condition I was in, filled me with horror; and I thought of nothing then but the hill falling upon my tent and all my household goods, and burying all at once; and this sunk my very soul within me a second time.
Though almost stupefied by the bewildering scene, still be found the blind man's house.