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He had to get her completely stupefied before he could get his way and he knew exactly what he was doing.
rising up into an excited or stupefied state, into a region
He said: "Toni's death may well have been a cot death, it could have been an accidental overlay or an overlay by someone who has stupefied themselves by taking illegal substances.
We started shooting, but he spoke slowly and sounded stupefied, with long, unnecessary pauses and laboured mannerisms.
Had Freud bothered to consult Chaucer's Wife of Bath, he wouldn't have been so stupefied.
Wall Streeters had been stupefied at the $22-$24 estimated offer price, a range analysts and investors called plumb crazy.
Who among us hasn't sat in front of the television, stupefied by some commercial, wondering, "What genius came up with that?
SUPER REVELATIONS "Amazed, and as if astonished and stupefied, I stood still, gazing," Brahe wrote about the 1572 event in the constellation Cassiopeia.
I'm sure the world was stupefied by the choice the American people made on November 2.
I gather that the latest architectural affront to be imposed upon a stupefied population is the proposed demolition of the illustrious Grand Hotel.