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Our own indifference and inertia, our incurable, selfishness and our abysmal ignorance enable those who have their own hidden agenda to fool and stupefy us at will.
Oscar Farinetti, the man behind the Eataly concept, told The New York Times that the goal of the new location is to "stupefy New Yorkers and firmly establish the Eataly brand on the very highest level." Farinetti also plans to open a full-scale replica of the Turin store in Manhattan's meatpacking district in 2011 at a site he says he has already secured.
Greatest War Stories Never Told: 100 Tales From Military History to Astonish, Bewilder, and Stupefy by Rick Beyer, will be published in November 2005 by Harper Collins.
Thanks to improved software, ERS-210A will now recognize when its batteries are running low and stupefy all around it by waddling over to the "Energy Station," sitting down on it and initiating the recharge session itself!
DCI said the detectives recovered several tablets of Stilnox drugs used to stupefy people in clubs and several SIM cards.
The accused, 18, faces a further count of administering a substance with intent to stupefy or overpower the alleged victim so another teenager could have sex with her.