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It has a stupefying 800bhp on tap - and an equally mind-boggling price of pounds 188,000.
The mind boggled, so I clicked on into charity nirvana to be greeted by another stupefying statement.
We drive up and down the gruesome, tragic suburban boulevards of commerce" he writes, "and we're overwhelmed at the fantastic, awesome, stupefying ugliness of absolutely everything in sight.
Steven Daynes, aged 30, of Cadman Street, also faced two charges of administering stupefying glue fumes to two boys with intent to indecently assault them.
His shooting by Valerie Solanas allowed Warhol to discern in every snapshot only the stupefying referential impact of flesh that conveys (like the real) nothing but its distance from you.
It is simply stupefying that CBS would actually air this premiere so hard on the heels of the Abner Louima incident, where actual cops--in Brooklyn, no less--sodomized the Haitian suspect and sent him into the hospital.
And the Venerables were not shy about reminding everyone what Washington had been and what it had become, a self-infatuated money-grubbing iron triangle of stupefying vulgarity, vainglory, egotism, and greed, worse than Rome because at least in Rome there was lively sexual license, orgies and the like.
to harvest fish; stupefying fish; fishing with spear, harpoon, arrow, etc.
The narcotic and stupefying properties of the herb were well known to the ancients, and it was commonly said of a very indolent and sleepy man that he had eaten mandrake.
Contests, sweet opportunities, stupefying assets, and traffic-stopping prices, 3dGspot is an ingenious new way to shop for 3d assets.
After too many weeks of unmitigated tedium, Claudia Winkleman's stupefying bore-athon suddenly had me in stitches.
The charge reads that he "intentionally administered a substance, namely Nitrazepam, to another person, knowing she did not consent and with the intention of stupefying or overpowering her so as to enable any person to engage in a sexual activity involving her".