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THE most stupendously stupid act of censorship I ever witnessed was the 1987 Spycatcher affair.
Prady, the co-creator of the stupendously successful sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," won't have to schlep his belongings very far, as he already owns, less than a mile away, another, nearly 10,000-square-foot mansion that was purchased in May 2013 from Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli for an angel's breath less than $4 million.
Lord Elis-Thomas has proved over the years that he has no real feeling for the pristine natural landscapes of Wales, by continually and vociferously supporting the erection of hundreds of stupendously high, ugly, out-of-place, 475-foot wind turbines right across our beautiful unspoilt Welsh hills from Clwyd in the north to Glamorgan in the south.
Of course it's right that the stupendously paid medics should provide an official seven-day service.
Sadly, their characters aren't fleshed out - it doesn't help that there's almost no dialogue - and their dramas are stupendously dull.
The video has been viewed 400,000 times in just two days - and has prompted a massive kickback online with commenters decrying the stunt as stupendously irresponsible.
That other stupendously idiotic measure -- setting the sales period by ministerial decree -- which penalised shops for advertising price reductions has finally been abandoned, but there are other things that need to be done.
iSanguine is known for offering stupendously created desktop, web, enterprise and mobile applications that address a lot of business issues.
Among McGrath's credits are co-founding Hat Trick Productions, his longrunning panellist stint on sports quiz, They Think It's All Over and being part of the stupendously popular Three Men.
22 JUMP STREET (15) IF YOU need to relax with a stupendously silly comedy-action thriller, look no further than this second rehash of the 1980s TV series.
Oh wow they're actually doing an alternate ending to How I Met Your Mother cause the real one was so stupendously awful, I'M SO HAPPY :D - Chris Dobson (@winkythehouself) (https://twitter.
7 ( ANI ): A new documentary based on Late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has shed light on his brutal regime and his lust for power, where director Christopher Olgiati described the 69-year-old as utterly charming, utterly ruthless and stupendously rich.