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As for Fanny's being stupid at learning, "she could only say it was very unlucky, but some people were stupid, and Fanny must take more pains: she did not know what else was to be done; and, except her being so dull, she must add she saw no harm in the poor little thing, and always found her very handy and quick in carrying messages, and fetching, what she wanted.
He found them not among the careless, gross, and stupid intelligences that answered the call of vision to his narrow room.
Hath he not created the world in his own image, namely, as stupid as possible?
He was soon met by two schoolboys of the upper class-that is to say as individuals, for with regard to learning they were in the lowest class in the school; and they bought the stupid bird.
To-day is Polly's birthday," said she with stupid simplicity: "and the little brown field-bird must wish him joy.
The whole story is nothing but silly, stupid nonsense
Kinsey and Luke find the victims from the lame opening sequence, tell Dad Stupid, who sends Mom Stupid and Sis Stupid back to their unlocked trailer while he and Son Stupid investigate.
My friends think I am stupid because I am making all the effort by taking her to dinners and buying her presents.
You are equally stupid and guilty of the sins of the addict.
If anything, we have a sense of what it doesn't mean: that calling something that someone did stupid doesn't imply that that person is not smart.
I do think he is a good coach, but he has a propensity for saying stupid things.
It appears that the only stupid ones were those who created Obamacare, those who voted for it, and those who still support it -- Democrats all.