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Now I'm feeling even more stupider (my Catholic school English teachers are jumping off the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit).
Rally moderator Cokie Roberts, herself a cancer survivor, said that "there could not be a stupider time to cut back on medical research.
In France, the ultimate fool is perhaps Polichinelle, or Punch, a commedia dell'arte puppet with a long, hooked nose, who controls events by pretending to be stupider than he is.
In Luckenbach (which boasts a population of two - but many more chickens) we listened to country music as the post-mistress railed against possums ("they are so stupid, even stupider than armadillos, and boy, that's dumb").
Frankly, have you ever heard of anything stupider than to say to people as they teach in film schools, not to look at the camera?
Usually guys in his position, they've got to choose guys who are stupider than them.
An amazing number of men on my blog answered baldly, "Because women are stupider than men.
Joseph Pine II - co-author of The Experience Economy - said “Technology-enabled customers are getting smarter every day, while companies mired in the same old ways of doing business just come off as stupider and stupider.
You can fiddle with the facts all you like - three hits on Thursday, four on Friday, six on Saturday, silly yes, but no stupider than five hits in the final furlong - but it isn't whip use that needs to be changed, it's attitude.
Some people get fat and lazy, some stupid kids get stupider, and some older people, if they've been doing it long enough, they smoke themselves paranoid.
One viewer said: "Scheduling does not get stupider than this.
That's probably one of the stupider things I've done," Puskedra said.