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Of the emails, he said: "It was Christmas Eve and it was the stupidest thing I've ever done.
Mr Jones said: "The stupidest sculpture of the past 20 years has to be this eye-wounding erection on a seashore that never did any harm to anyone.
More like a mass debate as the social media responded to the stupidest show ever with a series of juvenile jokes and appropriate disdain.
Vince Cable, one of the cleverest men in British politics, has made one of the stupidest decisions he is ever likely to make as a politician," he said.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski Vesnik that UN mediator Matthew Nimetz, who has for almost two decades been looking for a solution to the stupidest dispute on the earth, is once again paying a visit to our unwanted godfathers and he will stop by in Macedonia too.
November/December 2012) have contributed to "mistrust of government" because all they do is make fun of "the stupidest things" politicians do.
New York, Sept 29 ( ANI ): Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that the affair he had with his housekeeper was "the stupidest thing" he ever did.
Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that his affair with Mildred Baena, which last year broke up his marriage with Maria Shriver, was "the stupidest thing" he did to his estranged wife.
Smoking my dear friends is the stupidest thing man can do to his/her humble body, the stupidest at all.
Egypt's Brilliant Mistakes "The stupidest transition in history" is how my colleague Nathan Brown recently described the last fifteen months in Egypt.
Top Retailer for Online Gifts Releases Third Annual Must See List of Stupidest Gifts, Gadgets, Presents and Stocking Stuffers-
The stupidest decisions you make can somehow only get stupider.