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She always wanted to settle down and I stupidly agreed to it.
She went out to give herself some space, decided to sit in his car, but the keys were in it and she "on the spur of the moment" stupidly started the car up and began to drive.
I WOULD like to thank the lady who found my handbag that I stupidly left in my shopping trolley and who ran tomy parked car and handed it back to me at Tesco on Monday, November 8 at about 1.
Moira stupidly lets Holly go into the village and is then surprised when she comes back with drugs rather than sweets.
Stupidly, I told four nonpunting 'Islander' friends over lunch that Alverstone, I took 5-2 early, so of course it hacked up at 10-3.
Porthmadog have expressed belated opposition to the whole idea, with secretary Gerallt Owen saying: "We all stupidly agreed to this dramatic change without any chance to think it through properly.
Russell said: C[pounds sterling]The thing is that theyCOre both so stupidly beautiful and good-looking and attractive that their children are born looking gorgeous
Bizarre one-way systems, more and more bus lanes (for which read usually empty carriageways), stupidly timed traffic lights, over-zealous traffic wardens and exhorbitant parking charges are driving more and more shoppers out of town.
Next time I come up on deadline time without a good topic I'll tell you about the guns l should have bought--but stupidly didn't.
Theodora Twist, a 16-year-old movie star, stupidly blows her "virginal" image by making out in public with the twin brothers with whom she is actually sleeping.