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He does deserve a bottom spanking for trying to make stupidness seem cool though.
Former EastEnders star Kelly Shirley, playing the dense Pauline Clench, was also worthy of a mention simply for her brilliant stupidness and the somewhat sharper Rachel Crabbe - played by Rosie Wyatt - for the succinct explanation of twins
He plays on what he would call stupidness but we'd call it vulnerability," added Christian.
The Galveston Daily News called it "a mighty poor dramatic concoction," and noted that the "four tedious acts outshine each other in stupidness.
We had it but just kind of slipped away because of our stupidness," said Turkoglu.
Accusing him of being treacherous is short-sightedness and moreover stupidness.
You have some people nowadays, them choose fi listen to t-t-the stupidness or the negativity.
Though this man has committed a grave crime by smuggling the passport out of the country, yet I shall not register a case against him because in all his stupidness he still has a golden heart in him and I cannot deny to say that he is a true gentleman.