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Mutual awareness about each other and mutual understanding of each other's sensitivities, will hold key to deeper and sturdier friendship," she added.
Plans to build a sturdier structure were interrupted by the Second World War, and were only dusted off again in 2004.
But researchers say it's worth paying more for a sturdier fabric bag.
By feeding our native birds, that sing for us and amuse us throughout the winter months, we are apparently making them stronger and sturdier.
Nevertheless, it is big enough to offer the safe feeling so many want and, with its roots firmly in the big league, the Sportage is sturdier than the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and Dodge Caliber.
Forget those generic-looking plastic pots--lightweight planters now come in better colors, sturdier materials, and more refined styles.
He hopes the results will help engineers build sturdier structures.
Far sturdier than the plastic disposables that are meant for one-time use, yet surprisingly affordable buckets are available online from India for US$29.
Mother of pearl buttons are sturdier and more durable and give a more polished look.
This revised edition holds a design easier on the eye, a more compact, sturdier binder, and a new chapter on lighter recipes.
I am currently working with a manufacturer to produce a prepackaged, sterile tonsil lolly with a slightly sturdier straw and a sponge coated with a hemostatic agent.
If your student wants a rolling backpack (sometimes pain-free portage trumps hipness), skip the bargain-basement ones and go for a sturdier model.