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This will make a lot sturdier plant, as the buried plant and stem will produce roots, and a sturdier plant produces more tomatoes.
Before the Brexit vote India had been seen as one of the sturdier emerging markets, with the RBI having accumulated a record $363.2 billion in foreign exchange reserves earlier this month.
Walkers can choose from 2.5 miles and 6.2 miles, so there is something from those looking for a leisurely stroll to those who would like a sturdier challenge.
The new model offers a one-piece handle/side plate for more weld surface exposure, creating a sturdier handle and attachment point for safety chains.
Minor improvements have also been made which mean that its base now benefits from a sturdier design, offering more stability for the user.
But these final weeks of the campaign are imperative for Roberto Martinez as he looks to build some momentum and lay some sturdier foundations for next season.
Knowing about its implications on rice production, via a better understanding of physiological processes and interactions in the rice plant when subject to changing temperatures, humidity, amount of sunshine, and atmospheric gases, will help scientists develop even sturdier climate-ready rice varieties and finer farming practices to accompany these.
WHILE I've enjoyed wearing sandals to work in this warm weather, I've also realised just how much my sturdier winter shoes protected my feet.
aThe old cars are sturdier,a he said.A The man added that he and his colleague couldn't do anything to protect the cars, as everything happened very quickly.
I love how my bag came out, and it's much sturdier than the other reusable shopping bags I take to the store.
By replacing one leg with one Barricade Bracket, a safer, sturdier and protective work zone is provided.
Karnataka, June 26 -- igus has given its micro-chains for tight design spaces a makeover and come up with a new modular system: clever design tricks such as the double stop system or the "brake" make the E2 micro versions even sturdier and quieter than their predecessors.