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Caption: A student at Robertsville Middle School sets the record for building the sturdiest balsawood bridge, it held up to 412 lbs.
The town's men (Jesse Plemons, William Fitchner, David Dencik) aren't up for the monthlong journey by wagon, so the task falls on the sturdiest resident, Mary Bee Cutty (Hilary Swank).
The men are of the sturdiest physique, and should form a battalion of great strength.
Amber, a relatively simple resin secreted by trees, is among nature's sturdiest and perhaps most elegant compounds.
Aside from getting the goodies from multiple networks, the phone stands as one of the sturdiest that we've tested.
There is no point buying a cheap gazebo which will blow down or let in water - choose the sturdiest one you can find, even if it costs a little more.
3 percent lighter than the previous generation, while still passing a dozen military-grade tests for reliability and durability, making this Ultrabook qualified HP EliteBook one of the sturdiest, thinnest and lightest available.
A form of animal armour, called 'dragon fish', slender and spiked, is regarded as having one of the sturdiest and most flexible forms.
It also feels like one of the sturdiest Peugeots yet, with build quality that is up there in premium territory.
The heavy-duty Otterbox Defender smartphone case features some of the sturdiest protection available for your phone.
Although not the sturdiest and perhaps most comfortable of vehicles by today's standards, the cars are driven by a local guide and the journey can be tailored to meet your needs.
Fear has kept me from learning how to create what may be the sturdiest wood joint in the world.