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He met with EmX's fiercest opponents and sturdiest supporters before taking a stand on that contentious issue.
Common understanding is the path to wisdom and strength while consensus is the sturdiest support and best guarantee to achieve solid, effective and continuous reforms," he said.
But the aftershocks that follow are almost as hard for even the sturdiest of patients to withstand, according to Larry Blankenship, CEO of ValveXchange.
Their first task would test the sturdiest of relationships to breaking point - assembling flat-pack furniture.
The most expensive, and sturdiest options are made of galvanized or plasticized metal.
In this issue, you'll find several informational profiles and accompanying advertisements describing some of the sturdiest companies in the nutraceuticals business, including ingredient suppliers, equipment manufacturers, packaging companies, testing labs and contract manufacturers.
Jackson has in fact arranged his tchotchkes according to structural soundness--to the amount of weight, of other tchotchkes, they can bear, with the sturdiest at the bottom of each stack and the most delicate at the top.
We''ve rounded up some of the sturdiest data-wielding sticks to make transporting gigabytes a breeze.
We've rounded up some of the sturdiest data-wielding sticks that'll make transporting gigabytes a breeze.
Turkey, already the Muslim Middle East's sturdiest democracy, fortified its freedoms in a referendum on Sunday, with 58 percent of voters approving a package of constitutional amendments meant to end army meddling in civilian politics.
Without a doubt, one of the sturdiest stands available, the HD/HO hang-on stand employs 1,900-pound tensile strength rubber-coated chain to support the massive 25-inch by 31-inch platform.
Eoe1/4EoThe locally-constructed boat will also signal our potential as a new build and repair port, which will recall the heady days when vessels made on these shores set sail for months of pearling expeditions and proved to be among the sturdiest afloat,Eoe1/4A[yen] Muhairi noted.