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With its 36 mm diametre and mother- of-pearl dials, the model ticks to ladies' time while maintaining its legendary sturdiness and readability.
Their iron-like sturdiness provides oodles of comfort and security for us older guys who have no intention of quitting the field until someone throws dirt in our face.
That forced several of the largest Bitcoin exchanges to shut down for most of last week and raised questions about the sturdiness of the programming underlying the currency.
The trays are coated with Class B anti-slip glaze that ensures sturdiness of use on a flat surface and offers fast draining for lower risks of standing water.
Affordability and sturdiness of our almirahs is biggest advantage for customers buying these almirahs against the alternative option of wooden cupboards.
Eye-catching proportions, tight contours and numerous high-quality details produce an unrivalled product character brimming with emotional appeal, dynamism and the sturdiness you would expect from a BMW X model, while at the same time holding out the promise of outstanding performance and driving dynamics.
Its sturdiness means that it is suitable for children up to four.
The private hire boys don't suffer gimcrack quality, and the ones I've spoken to absolutely rave about the Picasso's sturdiness.
The two long-time Egyptian actresses have built up a reputation for their mental sturdiness, so perhaps Sherine can do the same
Southampton may be in the bottom three but they are a different proposition now due to a new-found sturdiness and confidence, "We have improved and grown in maturity all the way through," Adkins added.
HRH the Premier inaugurates (Invest in Bahrain 2012) Forum; asserts Bahraini economy has proven its sturdiness, versatility in the face of security challenges Cabinet stresses the need to combat terrorism relentlessly and to take all the necessary actions for the sake of deracination of terrorism.
The unaudited financial results for the first nine months of 2012 show sturdiness in its profits and steady growth in its balance sheet.