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And shall we receive into our State all the three styles, or one only of the two unmixed styles?
Present study endeavors to explore the 10th grade secondary schools English teachers' teaching styles and learning styles of their students and examine the potential relationship between teaching learning style match with student's academic achievement as shown by their last secondary school board's results.
The study aimed to find out the effect of learning style on achievement of distance learners and was delimited to the learners of Master of Education program at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.
Measures used were Conflict Management Inventory (Anis-ul-Haque 2003) and General Decision Making Style Questionnaire (Scott and Bruce 1995).
Background: In recent years, the researchers had worked on attachment style theory in studying different aspects of individual and social life of adults and announce that attachment style is related to most behavior, thought and motivational behaviors.
I-Speak Your Language,[R] A Survey of Personal Styles was administered to 57 recent graduates of a dental hygiene program to determine each student's favored primary personal style, and group profile based on 4 major personal styles.
Style: Includes an annual Nutcracker season, full length ballets, mixed-repertoire evenings including choreography from George Balanchine, Christopher Bruce, Trey Mclntyre, Mark Godden, Lila York and Bruce Wells; many styles from classical to modern.
Teach to a student's style, teach with style in mind and teach students about learning styles," suggests Silver.
As an individualistic and unique style of writing, debates and ordinances involving prose have determined an indefinite place for the writing style in essence of college level teachings, let alone recognition.
Each has their own style and different perspective on what is in style this season.
From early plantation hollers to rap music and jazz, Phinney covers the co-evolution of a range of black music styles--and each style's influence on white American style.