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If they needed to be designed, his proposals were always guileless and almost styleless.
Worst of all, John Gardner relies so much on the "Crippled-Analogue Shuffle," "Garbled-Comparison Hop," and "Down Home Two-Step" for flashy similes and borrows so frequently from the "Warehouse of Hackneyed Phrases" for triumphant cliches as to produce a style so execrable as to be absolutely styleless (Sorrentino, Something 216-17).
He's completely styleless," says the actor, best known to gay audiences for playing the son of Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in The Birdcage, taking over the lead (after Joe Mantello) of the Broadway run of Angels in America, and starring in the indie gay film Urbania.
Pound and Brakhage both had moved away from the accepted and acclaimed to styles that could be mistaken as styleless.