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Sagar is an excellent critic, so this is only one step in a much longer and more complex argument, one which sees Hughes as striving for a voice enriched by exposure to other cultures, but finally reaching beyond those cultures to "the ultimate styleless simplicity" (xiii) he seems to have found in Shakespeare.
Brodsky "writes badly, like Dostoevsky"; he is "an heir to the styleless Dostoevsky.
Occasionally -- but only occasionally, for we usually photograph rather badly; in appearance we tend at best to be styleless -- there's a professor teaching a class.
The Jewish Tragedy (London: Collins, 1986) aspires to this styleless quality, providing a relentless record of events, names, numbers and chronologies without any explicit attempt to explain them.
12) Now, while this is undoubtedly true, it seems to play into Scruton's hands: Scruton never argued that photography is completely styleless, but only that photography lacks `all except the grossest features of style'.
Theirs is a strange exorbitance, as invigorating as it is refined--particularly in such depressing times as these, when performance is as likely to be coercive as it is styleless, and pointless.
Such a consideration reflects on the entire production of Minimal art: of work grounded in modernist abstraction but strategically styleless, at least by conceit, and staunchly inhospitable to traditional conventions of artmaking--that is, to the "hand.