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Styler was deeply connected to the story from the beginning, having been bullied in school herself due to a facial scar she received as a toddler after being hit by a truck.
One man, who wants to remain anonymous, told the BBC he was violently sexually assaulted by Mr Styler as a child.
At the heart of the Styler is LG's innovative TrueSteamAaAaAeAnAaAaAeA techno which gently sanitizes garments and neutralizes unpleasant odors, removing over 99 percent of allergens and bacteria in clothing.
Just three weeks after the episode aired, AllStar, the logistics and fulfillment company that handles many of Greiner's products, took over the day-to-day management of The Sleep Styler.
The new LG Styler features a variety of technological innovations.
What are hot air stylers used for when it comes to afro hair?
Describing the product's release as "like going from Walkman to iPod", the hairdresser said it was the first styler of its kind and explained how you need to answer questions on the product's handle detailing everything from hair thickness and length to whether it has been coloured.
Styler said that he has long thought the Lockheed name carried enough branding weight, but found that the public still thinks you have be an employee of Lockheed to be a member.
Now 58, Styler is mistress not only of a spacious aerie on Central Park West, where she sat serving guests espresso last week, but also of six lavish homes scattered from London to Los Angeles; she owns a wardrobe that Eva Peron might have envied, her Versace-sheathed comings and goings tirelessly documented by a doting fashion press.
Bringing together a group of highly talented, world-class musicians, Styler and Sting produce the Concert for the Rainforest, a benefit musical extravaganza.
1 Ceramic Manufacturer, has introduced the RAK Styler series, new range of Hi-lighter tiles in India.