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Investigators thought he hadn't acted alone and his wife was arrested, along with Nancy's trusted assistant Katherine Carpenter, who the Stylers had been dealing with while Nancy was abroad.
ghd's full line of stylers and brushes, along with the award-winning ghd air professional performance hairdryer, will be on display at select in-store events leading up to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
These stylers come in a box and a heat-resistant quilted pouch.
These unsafe and fake items are being passed off to the unsuspecting buyer as genuine ghd stylers, meant to support research on breast cancer.
Close the styler on the root and in one smooth gentle movement slide them down the length of the hair, towards the ends, twist the styler through 90 degrees creating the flick.
Police were alerted after he stole two hair stylers from Parhill Chemist, Caerau.
Nearly pounds 1,500 worth of goods and cash were stolen from Stylers during the break-in including a pounds 700 Sanyo 40ins TV and a pounds 300 black, handshaped chair.
The Curl Styler with Heat Guides is the latest addition to the line of curling irons and styling brushes.
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler combines Braun's trimming technology with Gillette's most advanced blade technology2 helping men trim evenly, shave closely and edge accurately - so they can master their facial hair style with ease.
JOICO Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex is now featured in all JOICO shampoos, conditioners, treatments and the new stylers.
Clamp the hair between the stylers and rotate the stylers over 180 degrees.