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From there, it becomes a short leap to future CAD systems with styling capabilities, with slider bars for creating, say, an "edginess" from "one" to "ten.
With Silsoft Style silicone, personal care companies can more easily and more cost effectively meet consumer demand for hair care products that offer styling performance while retaining the natural feel of hair.
The new PURPLE RAIN(R) line from AMPRO(R) provides endless styling options and adds body and shine to any type of hair relaxed, natural, and color- treated.
styling of XForms), speech, rendering on multimedia devices, and more; see the CSS Working Group charter for details.
To look this great, all Nasha needs in the morning is a light styling gel like Graham Webb Intensive Making Waves," says Danielle.
Piedmont Collection: Casual cottage styling with a two-tone (antique white and cherry) finish and antique charcoal pulls.
It features an integrated package of freeform styling tools and 3D modeling tools to help product designers transform their creative concepts into production-ready designs.
The trendy styling is sure to catch the eyes of hip back-to-school shoppers, and the pocketbook-friendly price will make the grade with parents.