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Stephanie Snyder, a tenacious broker who helped create the retail leasing arm of Crown Acquisitions but was equally known for a stylishness honed in the fashion magazine world, died Sept.
The companion of the new UK head of Government is a kind of fashion icon: until now artistic director of luxury paper company Smythson, Samantha Cameron combines stylishness with a feel for her time," said Bruni on her site.
Picasso first met Angel Fernandez de Soto in 1899 at the famous Catalan watering hole of writers and artists, Els Quatre Gats, and was immediately drawn by his stylishness and uncompromising politics.
The hotel was completely gutted by French architect Jacques Garcia, a meticulous and expressive designer who had some of the hotel's previous furnishings for revived and reproduced to strike the right chord of elegance and stylishness.
It starts with the aesthetic--the same mid-century, space-age, swinger stylishness that the international carrier and its sister airline in the States, Virgin America, are known for.
From a simple design perspective, the phone lives up to the hype: it's a compact device that has smaller dimensions than many popular smart phones and its curved casing gives it a stylishness that the more brick-shaped smartphones lack.
However, judging by the stylishness of his four wives and dozens of show-bizzy type girlfriends, the only droopy thing about him is his eyelids.
Why is it that people's perceptions of stylishness are considered a warning sign of carelessness?
In contrast, the new store hums with confident stylishness and sophistication--a tribute to what Nat Sherman has become over its history--New York's tobacconist to the world.
2 is delightful and well-crafted music, and Guerrero and the orchestra brought stylishness and vim to their performance.
At the same time, the Voxy has stylishness at its heart while the Noah gives off a feeling of familiarity.
Choreographer Jeannette Zingg wove extensive dance sequences into an overall staging by Marshall Pynkoski notable for its stylishness.