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A supercapacitor type is cheaper to make compared to the EMR stylus.
Most of those tablets will be active-stylus-capable and ship bundled with a stylus.
The innovative 3rd Generation Bamboo Stylus family is equipped with carbon fiber covered tip to give a smooth and comfortable feeling when writing or navigating on touchscreen devices.
The proprietary Rubberdium stylus pen that slides inside the G3 Stylus feels comfortable in any hand and complements the phone s 5.
Created especially for engineers, artists, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, and college students, the Serene Stylus pen has been designed with high quality in mind.
In addition to these second-generation models, Wacom also offers the Bamboo Stylus alpha as an affordable entry addition to the range, which looks and feels like a pen, it said.
The stylus coupled with the software is fairly precise but you can't write nearly as small as with pen and paper - things get less accurate the smaller you write.
The design of the WICO Touchscreen Stylus is patented.
Epson has announced that its product showcase at Sign & Graphic Imaging Middle East 2009, which began yesterday (Sunday, February 15, 2009) at the Dubai Airport Expo, includes its latest range of large format printers and new additions to its Stylus Pro series.
The Pickering stylus transplant (Pickering and Stanton are different trade names of the same company) works around the lack of availability of the Stanton Stereohedron Stylus.
The Stylus C59 has individual ink cartridges from as little as 59.
noted, "The Stylus PC system combines the best features of Condre's own robotic controller board IP, and a very user friendly GUI software application developed by our Engineering Team with the Prosumer, Institutional and SMB customer in mind.