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Crenshaw, who twice won the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club - the tournament and course founded by Jones - is pictured hitting every shot Jones is hitting, even the stymie.
Global Banking News-October 22, 2014--Indonesia's Insurance law not expected to stymie M&As
WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court made it easier Tuesday to challenge patents, bolstering arguments by some in business that they are too readily granted and can stymie new drugs and other innovations.
Space for sublease not only adds to supply but also is typically offered for below market rents depending on its term, which means that, in large quantities, it can stymie landlords' efforts to raise rental rates.
And Senior Editor Jacob Sullum's "Freedom Riders" (page 40) explores how motorcycle enthusiasts have managed to repeal or stymie mandatory helmet laws in many states--a small victory, perhaps, but a heartening one too.
While in police custody, Campbell tried to stymie the investigation by giving an alias, Roderick Stair.