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- Tap on 'BL', and select file same BL tag [again, if you don't find a file, it's fine, this won't stymie the installation]
'Many employers' organisations say the cost of taking on pensions liabilities could, in many cases, stymie a takeover as well as prejudice their ability to compete.'
The North Carolina Bar and Rhode Island's legislature have tried to stymie Internet mortgage lenders through actual and proposed requirements that consumers hire in-state attorneys to conduct real-estate closings at a cost of $150-$500 each.
Also, the cameras might easily stymie passengers who aren't security risks; think customs or immigration.
I saw one recently stymie himself on an MDS multiple-choice test that he, himself, had devised.
The sticking points that Silverstein mentioned don't appear to be serious enough to significantly delay or stymie the deal and Silverstein sources said that they expect Silverstein's concerns to soon be addressed by the Port Authority and a finalized deal reached.
The book's short and provocative answer is this: In a post-9/11 world, one in which religious and neo-Luddite fundamentalists at home and abroad seek to stymie individualism and technological advances, it's more important than ever to understand and appreciate what might be called the >>John Locke, Original Hipster
Numerous studies have shown that many kinds of cancer cells overproduce this caspase inhibitor, apparently to stymie the cellular-suicide program called apoptosis.
Epidemics such as severe acute respiratory syndrome and mad cow disease make headlines around the world and stymie epidemiologists and physicians.
The Army Corps showed further signs of trying to stymie research by dumping dirt and rocks on the site where Kennewick Man was found.