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When we asked for the paperwork to the initial purchase we were constantly stymied.
But his ability to impose reforms on the FBI was stymied by numerous politically inspired investigations which would have made any pressure from the White House appear politically motivated.
Shakespeare's Hamlet, feeling pulled in many directions and stymied about what to do, decides with these famous words to leave his situation up to fate and be prepared for anything.
Presently, negotiations are stymied by the IRA's reluctance to disarm completely and by the Sinn Fein party's distrust of the police force (Toronto Star, April 18/03).
What could be a better cliche to resurrect for the next election than "throw the burns out?" As long as campaign finance continues to be stymied, primarily by the GOP, the environmental movement needs to play the money game.
If the Emancipation Proclamation, a political ploy used by President Lincoln to disrupt the economy of the South during the Civil War, promised a temporary respite from slavery for some blacks, it was quickly stymied by his successor, President Andrew Johnson, who betrayed the newly freed slaves to curry favor with white Southerners to consolidate his power.
Have the symptoms zapped your passion or stymied your in-bed performance?
The 71-year-old Chinatown resident said he was stymied by the list of obscure political positions that were rendered even more confusing in English than in his native Chinese.
Opposition congresses in Mexico and Chile have stymied changes across the board.
ARMA filed claim for the losses with the insurance company, only to be stymied in the claims review process.
George Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury soon to be replaced by Rowan Williams, first pronounced himself "saddened" by the New Westminster decision, and then in a statement several days later that reportedly surprised and stymied even his closest associates, pronounced it "schismatic." He said in an apparently extemporaneous departure from the text of a speech: "It first of all undermines marriage.
These challenges have stymied widespread SAN deployment.