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The ratification debates (and Chisholm, for that matter) may reveal disagreement over the implications of Article III for state suability, but partisans on both sides of the question understood the Article in connection with a well-established background principle of state sovereign immunity.
George Tucker, Massachusetts and New Hampshire also proposed amendments "dissent[ing]" from state suability, ST.
Records of the Pennsylvania convention only contain one speech--by James Wilson--on state suability rather than extended debate.
of justice which has continually expanded by consent the suability of
ambiguous text of Hans includes the sentence: "The suability of a
In my last number, I endeavoured to explain the grounds upon which the Supreme Court had asserted and proved that the judicial power of the United States, as originally given by the constitution, and before the amendment respecting the suability of the States, extended to such a case as that of Cohens against the State of Virginia.
Tennessee-Missouri Bridge Commission,(152) which the Court in College Savings Bank described as holding "that a bistate commission which had been created pursuant to an interstate compact (and which we assumed partook of state sovereign immunity) had consented to suit by reason of a suability provision attached to the congressional approval of the compact.
Significantly, the Supreme Court is not averse to making the suability under federal law of state or local governmental entities depend upon the distribution of governmental authority under state law.