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The lock housing and mechanism are constructed from stainless steel, which means the lock is suable for use in production areas that require a full wash down, or in corrosive environments.
Finding that the Palestinian Authority is recognized as a suable legal entity, the next question to be answered is whether the Palestinian Authority is entitled to foreign sovereign immunity from the jurisdiction of the Israeli courts.
The court in Hyatt reasoned that in order to harmonize the admittedly vague and overlapping definitions of "separate legal person" and "political subdivision" the definition of "political subdivisions should be read to refer to all governmental units that cannot act and are not suable in their own name;" in other words, those that are not also agencies or instrumentalities.
In pointing out that the principle of sovereign immunity "is derived from the laws and practices of our English ancestors," 33 this Justice traced the doctrine that the king of England was "not suable in the courts of that country" from the time of Edward the First.