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In fact, the moral suasion ideology Delany propagated, and which shaped the Black abolitionist movement in the first half of the nineteenth century, was predicated on the belief that Blacks were enslaved and discriminated against due largely to the deficiencies of their condition, rather than race.
The moral suasion approach has also gained ground as RBI is opposed to issuing sovereign bonds as it feels that the cost of such an issue would outweigh the benefits.
8220;Suasion Resources welcomes the opportunity to work with the talented team at API Funds,” said Jay Nagdeman, President of Suasion Resource.
A more fundamental question, however, is whether a public whose behavior is "not controlled by intellect" and "not open to the suasion of reason" would benefit from "thoughtful commentaries" and "guidance" or even want them.
The use of laws and moral suasion, under the guise of "supervision," were the tools available to authorities trying to contain crime and vice among tribal members in urban centers.
inimical to worldly suasion and, little by little, allow history to
But banking law lecturer, Moses Foh-Amoaning, has dismissed the Bank of Ghana's assertion that moral suasion is the only option available to it to control the interest rates charged by the commercial banks.
Sectional approaches to solving this problem were different, however, as Southern church leaders generally eschewed political solutions, preferring the pulpit's propensity for moral suasion to control aberrant behavior.
What religious groups do when they "teach" is try to use the power of moral suasion to change hearts and minds.
Every two weeks, Jay Nagdeman of Suasion Resources, Inc.
The Finance Ministry has been meeting bankers regularly using moral suasion to get them to cut rates.
The new UK package, including falling base rates, large infusions of liquidity, the provision of state capital and the moral suasion on the banks to lend will start to thaw out the credit market, particularly the housing sector.