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One recent poll, commissioned by the daily newspaper El Heraldo de Mexico and conducted by the polling organization Suasor Consultores on Jan.
916 (me sVaSORE atque inpVlSORE id factum audacter dicito): suasor neol.
A Restitutor A Rotator A Runcator A Ruptor A Salutator A Sartor A Sator A Scalptor A Screator B Sector A Seminator A Serenator B Sospitator A Spoliator A Sponsor A Sputator B Stabilitor A Stipulator A Suasor A Subiector B Subiugator A Subuersor A Tergiuersator A Translator A Tritor A Triumphator A Vitor A Vestigator A Vexator A Vindemiator A Violator A