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His other horses included Water Frolic (1978 Fern Hill Handicap), Mixed Applause (1978 Sweet Solera Stakes), Suavity (1979 Rous Memorial Stakes), Piaffer (1979 Rose of York Handicap), Condrillac (1983 Houghton Stakes) and Water Cay (runner-up in 1985 Royal Lodge Stakes).
The immaturity and lack of specificity of this cry signal its disengagement from lyric suavity and its remove from the poet; its function is annunciatory not aesthetic, and refers to the permanence of the world rather than the mortality of the author.
His beautifully shaped Toreador Song had a narrative drive that's often lost in more traditionally macho-aggressive read-ings--and he looked great and acted with sexy suavity. But Escamillo is Carmen's least dimensional character, and Finlev--who's been wonderful in other supporting roles, like Marcello in La Boheme, that give him more scope for his acting talents--couldn't make him a whit more interesting than any of the other great singers I've heard do the role.
There never was a cat of such deceitfulness and suavity.
His Negative Blue (Farrar Straus and Giroux, 2000), which gathers up the last of his three sets of trilogies, composed over many years, does not constitute an epic--or if so, only in the sense that Hart Crane's The Bridge is one--but is a persuasive sequence of lyrics in which all the finest qualities of a master poet are conspicuous: a gift for metaphor, an intense musicality, a sense of form uniquely his own, and a kind of unmistakable suavity of voice capable of evoking tenderness as well as rage, despair as well as a credible ecstasy.
With his aviator shades, mustache and self-conscious suavity, Lloyd's general is a compendium of every Hollywood Third World strongman.
They have the naked suavity, skin-bare, and an intense coffee-red colour of unclothed savages" (Sea 100).
Moffett) whose tenuous charms have won over both Lili and Eva (much the harder nut to crack); his former lover (played by Jonathan Walker with sinister suavity) appears to propose the adoption of the "American plan" referred to above.
Baritone Oren Gradus as Figaro and Christine Brandes as Susanna, flanked by a supporting cast of rare quality, provided the exuberant mainspring of the story Mariusz Kwiecien had a compelling suavity as the Count, imperious yet still sympathetic and with a raw animal magnetism that made it patently clear why women might be meek, docile and compliant at his merest utterance.
But this remained a reading where suavity seemed of paramount importance: hardly the gritty final symphonic testament of a composer steeped in the most rigorous of techniques yet who wore his unsurpassable learning so lightly.
Villon's "epitaph," a rondeau written in prison, still makes us smile, even as we take pleasure in its suavity: Grant him, Lord, your peace eternal, And your light perpetually, Who had no plate or bowl that he Could call his own.
Randall Shepperd Tillie Clark Jewell Robinson Nona Hendryx's smooth R&B melodies, vocalized with suavity and style by Michael McElroy, provide some nice seasoning for Blue, a new production from the Roundabout Theater Co.