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He has neither James Bond's preternatural suavity nor Jason Bourne's visceral butt-kicking skills, but instead anxiously finds his way with patriotic cunning.
Although with the distance of decades some of the partial elements have grown obsolete and come across as somewhat ponderous, Suk's suavity and range of vision, and the orchestra's accuracy and equanimity, are still extraordinary.
Gianandrea Noseda, with his masterful grasp of Verdian style, elicited tonal brilliance and tantalizing suavity from the London Symphony Orchestra, which in turn contributed a touch of Falstaffian wit with technical assurance to exemplify Verdi's orchestral genius.
Blue- blooded and good looking, with a suavity that was inculcated through education at Winchester and Balliol College, Oxford, Pataudi was the icon Indian cricket needed after the disappointing lows of the 1950s.
Brady has the happy faculty of being attentive without being officious, of possessing suavity without obtrusiveness, and is altogether the right man for the right place," declared a typically flattering story from the 1850s in Frank Leslie's Weekly.
Yet when Cezanne met Manet with Zola at the Cafe Guerbois the two painters didn't get on--Cezanne exaggerated his Provencal accent, distrusting Manet's Parisian suavity.
Few present-day journalists have a detectable, much less unmistakable, prose style; the suavity and piquancy of Hitchens's prose are unmatched among his critical peers.
The unknown truth is that he is known not just for his prowess but for his objective suavity and down to earth superstar gallantry.
Once I tried, in front of all the cool kids, to bluff a bartender into serving me a drink by asking, with my best sunglasses-on-nosepoint suavity, for a Scotch "straight up, neat, without any ice.
Who else could balance suavity and slapstick so expertly?
Sara has a very strong CD out called Ready, and is able to wrap her tonsils around jazz standards and soft rock tunes with equal suavity.
John seems to affect a rakish suavity, an "I'm too cool to care what you think of me" attitude that frequently afflicts young men today as well, as many of my students attest when I teach Northanger Abbey.