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Regarding the type of cataract, cortical cataract was most commonly seen in 50% cases followed by posterior subcapsular cataract in 28% cases.
Other known side effects of topical steroids include formation of posterior subcapsular cataracts and a predisposition to secondary ocular infections.
c) OR = odds ratio; CI = confidence interval; PSC = posterior subcapsular cataract.
The symptoms and findings of anterior segment injuries include blepharospasm, edema and necrosis of eyelids, thermal keratopathy, uveitis, iridocyclitis, superficial or deep corneal opacities, corneal scars, chemosis, midriasis, hyphema, anterior and posterior subcapsular cataract, and lens dislocation.
On ocular examination of both eyes, marked cellular reaction in anterior chamber and bilateral posterior subcapsular cataract was observed.
High doses of inhaled steroids may also be associated with posterior subcapsular cataract formation and, possibly; ocular hypertension.
1) Cortical cataract 2) Nuclear cataract 3) Subcapsular cataract.
6%) developed a late anterior subcapsular cataract, which was clinically significant in one case and required explantation of the phakic IOL and phacoemulsification.
Type of Cataract: Majority of the patients (39%) had Posterior Subcapsular Cataract (PSC) with Nuclear sclerosis (NS), 22 % had Cortical Cataracts (CC) with PSC and NS, 17% had CC with NS, 12% had PSC, 6% had CC with PSC, 3% had NS and 1% had CC only.
Table 6 Within and 1-mg 4-mg including 6 Months (N=15) (N=19) Lenticular initiation/progression 1 2 Nuclear Sclerosis Posterior Subcapsular Cataract 0 2 Cataract Surgery 0 1
In addition, the presence of a posterior subcapsular cataract and use of non-miotic glaucoma medication has also been associated with two or more falls.