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However, you would like to note that the shop was launched just a few months ago and actually one of the greatest motivating factors behind the survey is to come up with sure proof ideas of what will be placed on the missing subcategories.
Subsequently, definitions and guidelines for primary and subcategories were created to at least provide consistency in the reclassification that was performed for this study (see Appendix).
There are pronounced differences among the 21 subcategories of manufacturing as well.
During the timeframe, the tomato category performed best during the spring of 2009, but all subcategories peaked during the Fourth of July holiday.
Each category is represented on the site's left-hand navigation bar and, when clicked, displays subcategories within that topic.
The books are grouped by themes: challenge, achievement, dedication, and legacy are the overarching concepts, and within these sections are various subcategories.
The subcategories for this section are General Information, Resources and Surveys.
For example, we clicked the Topic Guide tab for "Executive Summary" and some of its subcategories.
Subcategories cover areas such as business psychology, business ethics and human resource development and training.
Content is organized into sections on mergers, price fixing, and vertical restraints, which are further divided into subcategories such as economic research, law and policy, case studies, and news.