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Census industry codes that were within recode categories with high reported prevalence of SHS exposure (i.e., subcategories) that had adequate sample sizes.
- Permit of the 1st and 19th subcategories of the 4th category, with the class corresponding to the value of the works to which they refer.
The scores for other subcategories come as follows: "judicial effectiveness" - 53.1 points (36.8 points), "government spending" - 59.5 points (59.4 points), "government integrity" - 44.7 points (39.9 points), "investment freedom" - 60 points (55 points).
New subcategories has been added to open new opportunities for participation, and serve wider scope.
Advertiser Subcategories with the Largest Increases in Spend During the 2017-18 Season, Among the Top 30 Subcategories
Although not spectacular, Kuwait (43rd) and Saudi Arabia (49th) perform markedly better in the Language subcategory than in many other subcategories of the survey.
Out of the 36 subcategories, 11 are newly introduced, while 25 of them are scheduled to be upgraded or expanded.
Results--A taxonomy of 15 categories of broad practice-related stressors and 40 subcategories of more specific practice-related stressors was developed.
The entire research process consisted of two steps: in stage-1, the initial HFACS framework in the construction industry was developed through modifying the HFACS level and subcategories based on a critical review of existing studies.
The best performing subcategories with the greatest amount of retail sales in 2016 were food/beverage (33.4% of total trademark/brand sales), consumer electronics (14.1%), and apparel (9.4%).
Eleven new categories were included this year: In-Store Display, In-Store Event, Community Involvement, Social Media Campaign, Traditional Marketing, Private Brand Campaign and Overall Marketing Campaign with subcategories for Retailer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Sales Agent and Local Association.
Axial coding consists of coding the data into subcategories to generate more precise and complete explanations about the phenomena of interest, their properties and relationships.