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The absence of subcategorisation in the system used in our unit had no detrimental effect on definitive patient management, as our PPV was comparable with studies employing BIRADS.
If the various complements are syntactically made dependents of the elements whose subcategorisation they satisfy, we can derive the unlinearised syntactic structure in (11) from the collection of words in (6), (9) and (10):
In (12) the subcategorisation is satisfied by sent, and in the syntactic structure sent will be represented as a dependent of has and (in accordance with centrifugality) as following has, as realised in (12).
5) By subcategorisation features I mean those elements whose participation is basic as intuitive (or logical) idiosyncratic constituents of the lexico-semantic properties of an adjectival lexical entry and are, at the same time, undisputed sentence elements.
To question a nominal predicator introduce in place of this predicator a what argument compatible with the subcategorisation of the governing verbal predicator
To question an adjectival predicator deploy a Q-pro-adjective and introduce in place of its dependent predicator a what argument compatible with its subcategorisation
Problematic issues include the status of potential expressions as SPU's or not, the distinction between sentential and non-sentential units, the subcategorisation of these expressions, questions relating to the modification of these units, and so on.
transcripts of recordings), and within each of these macrocategories, employed further categorisations and subcategorisations.