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This is not further subcategorised into moderate or severe problems with self concept.
Classification of copulatives in Southern Ndebele Following Welmers (1973:328), the copulatives of Southern Ndebele are subcategorised into four subtypes, namely the identificative, associative, descriptive and locative copulatives.
Furthermore, differences between the food groups of the present study and the guides were: the inclusion of carbohydrate-rich starchy vegetables with cereal-based starches such as bread rather than with other vegetables with low carbohydrate content; cheese was listed as a protein-rich food with meat rather than with milk, and these groups were subcategorised to address differences in the amount and type of fat they contain; and finally, the inclusion of high-fat foods such as oils, spreads and nuts, again with subgroups for proportional differences in the type of fat.
For, just as in some other frameworks "subject" is taken to be universally present in sentences, so, in Anderson (1997: 166-77), it is assumed that every predication must contain an abs, the unmarked semantic relation; and if the predicator, unlike send, is not subcategorised for abs, an unsubcategorised-for abs is introduced.
In this last respect, the occurrence of the to or zero-infinitive seems to be linked to the Case subcategorised for by the matrix predicates: oblique, dative, or genitive objects tend to occur with verbs that are constructed with the to-infinitive, whereas accusative objects are more likely to accompany verbs that take the bare infinitive (cf.
The occurrence of the relative items se/seo/thaet in finite relatives (see (23)) is a clear indication that movement has applied here, given that they introduce the subordinate clause and that they are clearly subcategorised for by the subordinate verb:
To question a verbal predicator deploy a Q-pro-verb and introduce a what abs compatible with its subcategorisation; this abs displaces to adjunct status any subcategorised for abs also present