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Direct costs include resources consumed by the patients during their treatment and are subcategorised into fixed and variable expenses.
As pointed out in Comesana (1992: 85), this process makes reference to the capacity that some gradable adjectival forms have in order to delete their subcategorised completing structures when the individual implied quality of these forms is amplified to the highest degree.
One of these phenomena is the obligatory deletion of a subcategorised preposition before a that-clause or a to-infinitive.
Certain adjectival forms--specifically prepositional adjectival forms-- display the capacity for allowing the permutation of some elements of the ascriptive sentence, Subject and the Complement of the subcategorised preposition.
PD cases can be subcategorised based on age at onset (AAO): early-onset PD (EOPD) with an AAO [less than or equal to] 50 years, and late-onset PD (LOPD) with an AAO >50 years.
Pharmaceuticals were subcategorised into antidepressants, analgesics, other psychotropic agents (including antipsychotics, benzodiazepins, lithium, etc.
PO It indicates that the adjectival entry conforms its syntactic nature by means of a subcategorised Preposition and its corresponding Prepositional Object:
S2]/ This symbol indicates the co-reference relationship held between the Object of the subcategorised Preposition, the adjective and the Subject of the ascriptive structure:
In this last respect, the occurrence of the to or zero-infinitive seems to be linked to the Case subcategorised for by the matrix predicates: oblique, dative, or genitive objects tend to occur with verbs that are constructed with the to-infinitive, whereas accusative objects are more likely to accompany verbs that take the bare infinitive (cf.
The occurrence of the relative items se/seo/thaet in finite relatives (see (23)) is a clear indication that movement has applied here, given that they introduce the subordinate clause and that they are clearly subcategorised for by the subordinate verb:
To question a verbal predicator deploy a Q-pro-verb and introduce a what abs compatible with its subcategorisation; this abs displaces to adjunct status any subcategorised for abs also present
May is shown in (32) as subcategorised for {P;N} alone, satisfied by love.