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On the other hand, though the claim could be made for several matrix predicates in these construction-types to subcategorise for a dative DP instead of an accusative DP, this would not seem to contravene the basic tenet that object pro existed in Old English.
However, we would like to argue that whether pro instantiates accusative or otherwise dative Case cannot mean a serious difference in the case of English since the pro configuration of verbs checking dative Case has disappeared through time in the language, in a parallel fashion to those checking accusative: see the ungrammaticality of (13) below, whose matrix verbs would subcategorise for dative DPs.
It must be pointed out that verbs of perception subcategorise for bare infinitives (on a par with some of the predicates illustrated in (10) above), whereas the main structures that we are concerned with in this paper take a to-infinitive.