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Designing the survey instrument I grouped and sectioned each cue-statement into 15 subcategorizes.
He goes as far as to say that whenever a subcategorizes [beta], it also assigns a [theta]-role.
265) EPA requested comments specifically on its decision to subcategorize by type of HMIWI.
Knowing our consumers' buying patterns will allow us to better subcategorize.
Many scholars subcategorize RILI by dividing it into acute and chronic, or early, middle and late phases based on time after radiation.
In doing so, the authors suggest that clinicians subcategorize neck pain in order to develop more relevant rehabilitation strategies.
Within each functional level, considerable variability in daily activity levels can exist between individual patients; however, the MFCL cannot subcategorize individuals within a functional level.
A retrospective analysis of the archival paraffin-embedded tissue, along with additional immunohistochemical stains (including alpha smooth muscle actin), led us to subcategorize this lesion as a pleomorphic leiomyosarcoma.
For example, the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics calculates overall security officer casualties but does not subcategorize them.
Efforts to subcategorize should be made from the diagnostic material in the smears and cell block (Figure 1).
take', 'carry', 'hold' and their ilk do not subcategorize for three arguments), but plays the role of hosting one of the participants of a three-participant event that appears in V2 position.
This Creator and Type filtering is also used to subcategorize file folders into new folders on the PC.