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These status updates were subcategorized to capture specific alcoholic beverages mentioned including: Beer, Mixed Drinks and Cocktails, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, Tequila, Champagne, and Other alcohol beverages.
According to Jackendoff, they are subcategorized by the verb, projected onto syntactic structure and subsequently deleted in the passage to the surface form.
The ERPs in the context of the central auditory system can be subcategorized, such as auditory brainstem responses, steady-state evoked potentials, middle latency responses, mismatch negativity (MMN), and cortical ERPs (P1, N1, P2, P300), according to the anatomical region and the time of recordings after the stimulus.
Furthermore, when subcategorized based on pathological diagnosis, both BCC and SCC patients had higher levels of IL-27 in their sera compared to controls.
We assessed all hematological diseases and subcategorized the patients with respect to diagnosis.
The groups were as follows: known drug resistance (subcategorized into MDR-TB and other patterns of drug resistance); suspected drug resistance; drug intolerance; adverse effect avoidance; site of disease; or shortening of the treatment regimen.
Educational level was subcategorized into five subcategories: primary and elementary school levels (Sch), high school (HS), associate degrees (Asso), bachelor degrees (Bch), and master and doctoral degrees (MA+).
Each group was subcategorized to four groups according to applied anti-adhesive material; PEG-L, sodium HA-CMC, sodium HA, and sham (control group) (Figures 1, 2, 3, 4).
Furthermore, these datasets have been subcategorized organization and year-wise to analyze trends.
This is the monoclausal construction in which the wh-element moves to a clause-initial position from the position it is subcategorized inside the clause.
PAP is subcategorized into three types; congenital, secondary and acquired.Congenital PAP is related to mutations in the genes for surfactant and/or GM-CSF receptor.
These can be further subcategorized in Type IA, type IB and type IC.