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NPI--[V1--NP2]--[V2--NP3]), in which three arguments are expressed, but in which neither of the two verbs subcategorizes for all these three.
take', 'carry', 'hold' and their ilk do not subcategorize for three arguments), but plays the role of hosting one of the participants of a three-participant event that appears in V2 position.
A further example of the problems which arise in linking subcategorization and [theta]-roles can be seen with modal verbs which subcategorize VPs, but do not assign them [theta]-roles (Piotr Ruszkiewicz personal communication).
Similarly, an alternative to saying that disgusted subcategorizes for a PP headed by with is to say that disgusted with subcategorizes for an NP.
Units that subcategorize for a clause to fill their complement site are extremely productive.
For her, children do not use a verb unless they know that it subcategorizes for objects.