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Clinical Implications of Subcategorizing BI-RADS 4 Breast Lesions ssociated with Microcalcification: A Radiology-Pathology Correlation Study.
Additionally, categorizing and subcategorizing emails, calculating workload, and tracking staff performance comprehensively grew to be frustrating processes, especially with emails being handled by an outside vendor.
Verbs subcategorizing for NPs are exceptional; here the NP provides the functor and the verb the argument.
This efficiency has been achieved by subcategorizing content to more clearly identify specific material.
Equipped with powerful new diagnostic techniques, such as diffusion-weighted imaging, as well as a host of new, still experimental therapeutic options, a legion of clinical researchers is out to revolutionize stroke treatment by subcategorizing patterns of occlusion and infarction and then tailoring interventions accordingly.
181) In the 1995 Proposed Rule, EPA stated that it was considering further subcategorizing batch and intermittent HMIWIs by size, but did not discuss basing the primary subcategories on size.
Subcategorizing external obsolescence into its basic components results in clearer and more accurate analysis.
In addition to ATM crime data from bank security records, major police departments have now begun subcategorizing robberies by ATM type.