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A spreadsheet software program was then used to generate descriptive statistics to determine how many records were a match between the two data-sets at both the category level and the subcategory level.
However, in the Political Participation subcategory, Egypt's score increased by nearly 22 points from 2011 to 2012, "yet still remained below African average".
Assign someone to be responsible for maintaining each subcategory and its contents on your table.
The Policies subcategory contains all LWVUS/EF policies, Best Practices and League By-Laws.
Data analysis revealed that confidence significantly increased in each subcategory except success in college (p<.
Linking to a site is done by selecting a subject subcategory and drilling down.
The lost workday cases incidence rate for ferrous foundries and each subcategory are lower in 1992 than they were in 1990.
Analysis of data submitted by different companies indicated that the 1984 reclassification of the reporting categories for management employees affected the number of persons reported in each subcategory and in some instances affected total management employment statistics.
This is the second year in a row that Halliburton was awarded a perfect score of 100 in the subcategory of Human Capital Development and the fifth straight year the Company was recognized as "Best in Class" in Customer Relationship Management.
Participants in the second subcategory, who should not be above 20 years old, need to memorise the 105 Hadiths complied by imam Ibn Hajar in his 'Bulugh Al-Maram' book.
The crab subcategory represented the largest portion of all dollar sales with 56.
4 percent, every subcategory was up more than 5 percent.