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In the case of the use-reports, the order is different however, and the subcategory Digestive system holds the first place with 19 % of total use-reports.
This demonstrates that synchronous variations in both age and gender subcategories can weaken the level of automatic processing of each subcategory.
As to the categorial properties of which the categories are the extensions there is also a part-whole relation between the categorial property of a subcategory and the category of which it is subcategory.
However, in the Political Participation subcategory, Egypt's score increased by nearly 22 points from 2011 to 2012, "yet still remained below African average".
Located under the news and updates subcategory, the Fox Business News article, "What to Do with Proxies that You Get in the Mail," explained what proxy statements are, how shareholders can vote or submit proxy ballots, how shareholders can submit their own initiatives, and why shareholder participation matters.
Dollar contribution by subcategory Hothouse on the vine 30.
Parents completed the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) for their children, and 19 children had at least one CBCL subcategory T score above 65--1.
The story line satirizes criminal behavior (a crime is defined by the state) to include organized religion as a subcategory of crime.
Each of these children averaged about two CBCL subcategory T scores greater than 65, and those with extratemporal lobe foci averaged one CBCL subcategory T score greater than 65, Dr.
Within that folder, you might have a subcategory entitled "Sponsored Legislation" and subsubcategories which might include Correspondence, Press Releases and Research.
Several environmental organizations have indicated that they plan to challenge EPA's establishment of a low risk subcategory for Plywood and Composite Wood Products sources.