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These branches and the L subclavian artery were not involved in the dissection.
Eventually she was taken to the operating room for ligation of the subclavian artery, followed by coverage with a deltoid muscle flap.
We then realized that the large vessel was the right subclavian artery and the bleeding vessel was the thyrocervical trunk.
These new data suggest that a subclavian artery approach could address yet another under-served patient population.
A computed tomography angiography showed a circumferential intimal thickening interesting the right, subclavian artery, vertebral artery and the primitive carotid artery reducing their diameter (Fig.
Incidentally, 95 to 99% stenosis of the proximal left subclavian artery was noted (Fig.
5) The thoracic duct passes behind the great vessels and in front of the branches of the thyrocervical trunk and other vessels that branch off the subclavian artery.
The two-piece device allowed customization to the patient's anatomy to sit perfectly at the level of the left subclavian artery proximally and distally to near the celiac artery and prior repair.
We report a case of two pseudoaneurysms, one of the vertebral artery and one of the subclavian artery, after attempted internal jugular vein catheterization.
Subclavian artery was reached through this incision and LIMA, along with the first intercostal branch, was detected.
Angiography in April 2000 revealed occlusion of the right common iliac artery and the left brachial artery and multiple high-grade stenoses of the brachiocephalic trunk, the right subclavian artery, the right vertebral artery, and the right common carotid artery.
This diverticulum is in fact a dilation of the origin of the aberrant left subclavian artery.