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The findings were conclusive of subclavian steal syndrome secondary to occlusion of proximal left subclavian artery due to atherosclerosis.
Coronary subclavian steal syndrome is a rare complication of cardiac surgery.
Carotico-subclavian bypass grafting was planned with diagnosis of coronary subclavian steal syndrome.
This will preclude the subclavian steal phenomenon from occurring so as to perfuse the left subclavian artery; consequently, surgical re-implantation of the left subclavian artery to the left carotid artery would be mandatory.
Percutaneous transluminal stent placement to treat subclavian steal syndrome.
This siphoning of blood from vertebrobasilar system to subclavian leads to transient cerebral ischaemia or even a major stroke and named as subclavian steal syndrome (19).
INTRODUCTION: The subclavian steal syndrome (SSS) refers to a vascular disorder in which there is occlusion or stenosis of the subclavian artery proximal to the vertebral artery origin (which is the subclavian artery) leads to altered vascular haemodynamics resulting in retrograde blood flow in the ipsilateral vertebral artery toward the upper arm, distal to the subclavian artery narrowing, where decreased blood pressure had been established.