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noun imbruement, imbuement, impregnation, inculcation, infiltration, infusio, injection, insertion, instillation, introduction, penetration, permeation
See also: incorporation

INFUSION, med. jur. A pharmaceutical operation, which consists in pouring a hot or cold fluid upon a substance, whose medical properties it is desired to extract. Infusion is also used for the product of this operation. Although infusion differs from decoction, (q.v.) they are said to be ejusdem generis; and in the case of an indictment which charged the prisoner with giving a decoction, and the evidence was that he had given an infusion, the difference was held to be immaterial. 8 Camp. R. 74.

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Procurement and delivery of subcutaneous infusion for the Region of Southern hospitals.
Remodulin may be administered as a continuous subcutaneous infusion or continuous intravenous infusion; however, because of the risks associated with chronic indwelling central venous catheters, including serious blood stream infections, continuous intravenous infusion should be reserved for patients who are intolerant of the subcutaneous route, or in whom these risks are considered warranted.
For patients receiving rapid-acting insulin via computerised subcutaneous infusion the best approach is unclear (9).
Wearable subcutaneous infusion systems are targeting the growing need for administering biologicals - a segment that includes monoclonal antibodies, immune modulators and blood factors - that are indicated for chronic conditions.
For subcutaneous infusion, there is no need for extra manipulations; the insulin pump cartridge is filled with pure' insulin (3 ml for the pumps used in this study).
Alternatively, the drug can be given as a continuous intravenous or subcutaneous infusion at 20 mcg/hr.
Framework agreement for the supply of subcutaneous infusion pumps continues insulin and respective consumables institutions and services of the National Health Service.
In the arms that received hyaluronidase, flow rates were increased fourfold, compared to placebo arms," he said, adding that the overall mean flow rate for subcutaneous infusion with Hylenex was 464 mL/hr vs.
It is the only alternative to deferoxamine--which is administered overnight for 8-12 hours by subcutaneous infusion, usually into the abdomen, 5-7 days per week.
The contract is for the supply of a medicinal product Immunoglobulinum Humanum Normale in a drug program "Treatment of primary immunodeficiency in children", along with free gratuitous lending of 10 syringe pumps for subcutaneous infusion for the administration of the said medicinal product for the University Children~s Hospital in Krakow.
This is the first alternative to deferoxamine (DFO), which is administered via a subcutaneous infusion, usually in the abdomen for 8-12 hours overnight five to seven times a week.
There will be two treatment groups: LSF as a continuous subcutaneous infusion over 24 hours and LSF as a continuous intravenous infusion over 24 hours.

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