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If you loaded a document from a particular subdirectory, it would be saved back into that subdirectory, unless you specified otherwise.
are now quite good at taking an incoming e-mail and separating the text portion of the message from the encoded binary file, then placing the e-mail text in your "In" basket and the decoded binary file in some other subdirectory under its original name.
The Subdirectory of Production and the Competence Center of Pemex Gas analyzed the problem to find an adequate solution that allowed timely and reliable integration and availability of information for decision making concerning operations and business at different levels of the organization.
Several of you e-mailed me to point out several errors in my last column, mostly having to do with my statements on the advisability of loading Windows 95 into a separate subdirectory and keeping the old Windows 3.
The start menu can be modified by selecting the sequence Start, Settings and Taskbar or going into Windows Explorer and looking in the subdirectory (sorry; we're no longer considered informed enough to use that term; it's now a folder.
As with the journals, you download relevant information to your computer and file it in the appropriate subdirectory of your electronic trial notebook.
In this scenario, the Yellow Machine looks to the Active Directory database for user and group rights and authentication, and file and subdirectory permissions.
To speed up the splitting and merging operations, I created a subdirectory for splits.
It creates the "C:\TROJA" subdirectory, copies the AUTOEXEC.
First, set up a Program Identification File (PIF) in the subdirectory from which your DOS program runs.
You might create a subdirectory for each client and, perhaps, subdirectories for standard forms and agreements.