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TO SUBDIVIDE. To divide a part of a thing which has already been divided. For example, when a person dies leaving children, and grandchildren, the children of one of his own who is dead, his property is divided into as many shares as he had children, including the deceased, and the share of the deceased is subdivided into as many shares as he had children.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The S corp then develops and subdivides the land, obtains government entitlements, and constructs improvements and condominiums.
North Brunswick TOD Associates will subdivide the remaining space, which includes class-A warehouse space and offers up to 33-foot ceiling heights, into parcels as small as 15,000 square feet.
On the lower level, glazed screens subdivide the working area by alternating between translucent and opaque glass panels along the space's longitudinal and transverse axis, while from behind the centralized reception desk, a secret staircase carves its way through to the boardroom above.
We can subdivide the property into distribution, warehouse and light industrial spaces ranging from 30,000 square feet to 900,000 square feet," said Chuck Fern Of Lee & Klatskin.
Assume a taxpayer had entered into an arrangement with a real estate broker under which the broker was to find property suitable for subdividing and resale, the taxpayer advanced the money to purchase the property, and the broker did all the work necessary to subdivide and sell the property to home builders.
Utilizing the local expertise of NAI Batten & Moore of Charleston, SC, the team proposed a plan to subdivide the property, selling the raw land separately and then the adjoining distribution center as a sale-leaseback.
Given the restricted space, it was decided not to subdivide the shell into separate rooms but retain it as a single entity maintaining its height and full extent.